Micro Soldering is part of our field of expertise

Microsoldering consists in working on the components of an electronic board, to replace a faulty part or to weld a broken part.

The motherboards of today's most popular cell phones and tablets are filled with thousands of microscopic components. These parts are easily damaged by liquids or fail over time. Most repair centers will ask you to replace the entire logic board. At Procell, we will replace exhausted or broken components with new ones. We have successfully fixed various problems with the motherboard.

We can solve almost any motherboard problem, including :

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Our repair centre manages repairs across Canada

If you have a problem with your cell phone or tablet that is located at the motherboard level and you want to use our services. You can choose between:

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    If you are a repair professional and you want to offer an additional micro-welding service to your customers. Contact us to benefit from our offer dedicated to Pro.